ZENMED Medical Group

Zenmed Medical Group offers centralized handling and management of medico-legal assessment and reports. We provide provide quality medical assessment based on accurate medical evaluation and facts presented in a legal context.

Why Us?

  • Our coverage, specifically our depth of understanding and appreciation of individual needs and medico-legal issues in different states, ensure a thought, forward response in each request.
  • Our function is to provide quality medical assessment based on accurate medical evaluation.
  • We offer a fun, flexible, innvative work environment, ongoing training, professional development and advancement.
  • Our Aim

  • Zemed Medical Group aims to provide accurate, independant and comprehensive reporting.
  • Zenmed Medical Group is in a unique position to be able to offer you specialized medical expertise spanning the majority of disciplinary field with innumerable patient hidtory, countless opinions and priceless level of knowledge and experiece.
  • Our Mission

  • Our medical specialists are well versed in the provision of the indepedant medical examiners, therefore they can tailor their reports to the specific needs of the client.
  • Zenmed specialists act i a highly professional manner. They have proven to be delightfully personable and have the ability to put the patients and ease.
  • The reports are at the ideal standard
  • Our Directors

    Mr M.J Makgoba


    Cell: 071 615 1930

    Email: joseph@zenmedmedicalgroup.co.za

    Dr A.B Mazwi


    Cell: 072 446 7971

    Email: akhona@zenmedmedicalgroup.co.za

    Mr A Mazwi

    Operational Manager

    Cell: 071 378 2206

    E-mail: afika@zenmedmedicalgroup.co.za